Our recent work with kea has featured in national and international news articles, including:

TVNZ1, Sunday, 05 April 2020: Kea, Kaitiaki

The Guardian, 03 March 2020: Study finds parrots weigh up probabilities to make decisions

The Times, 03 March 2020: Parrots understand probability

Forbes, 03 March 2020: Parrots Make Predictions Based On Statistical Probabilities

Radio New Zealand, 19 June 2018: Do birds have emotions?

New Zealand Geographic, May/June 2018, Issue 501: Birds of play 

NZ Herald, 27 September 2017: Study tests quirky theory for kea curiosity

RadioLive, 27 September 2017: Kea – playful or clever?, 27 September 2017: Study: clever kea ‘much like human infants’ in exploring the world around them, 21 March 2017: Kea are smarter and more playful than previously thought, research shows

Scimex, 15 March 2017: Kea unfazed by unequal rewards when working together

NZ Herald, 15 March 2017: What makes our cheeky kea tick?

Newshub, 21 February 2017: Kea show smarts like chimps, elephants and children

NZ Herald, 15 November 2015: Intelligence tests being done on the kea